An Introduction to Induction

An Introduction to Induction

Induction is recognised as being one of the quickest, safest and most efficient methods of cooking available.

The science

This cooking method uses electromagnetism to create a magnetic field between the pan, which needs to be made from ferrous metal, and a coil beneath the glass top. Electricity is passed through a copper coil magnet within the induction hob, creating electromagnetic energy. The energy passes through the hob directly to the appropriate pan, producing – or ‘inducing’ – a current which in turn releases heat.

Safe to use

Because induction heats only the base of the pan and then the contents, the ceramic glass remains much cooler than traditional radiant ceramic or gas hobs. This means there is little residual heat left over once cooking is finished making induction hobs much safer than other fuel types.

If you turn on an induction hob without having a pot or pan on it, there is no risk of burning yourself because the hob doesn’t heat up at all.

Energy saving

Induction hobs are far more energy efficient than any other hob. Only the precise amount of energy you need is ever used so you won’t have heat escaping around the sides.

Saving energy, saving the planet and saving you money on your electricity bills!

Easy clean

With no parts to remove or tricky nooks and crannies to tackle, induction hobs couldn’t be easier to clean. Simply wipe over with a cloth – there’s normally no need to wait for the glass to cool down first.

Time saving

One of the many major benefits of induction cooking is it’s speed. More than twice as fast as a standard ceramic hob and up to 45% faster than gas – contents in the pan heat up incredibly quickly, ideal for when you’ve got a dozen other things to do!


With all these fabulous features plus super sleek good looks it’s hardly surprising that induction hobs are causing quite a stir in the kitchen!


You’ll find induction hobs on display at all of Timbercraft’s showrooms. We can demonstrate working induction hobs at our Keynsham, Patchway and Thornbury showrooms.