Christmas Prep

Christmas Prep

As you may well have noticed, the temperature is falling and the days are getting shorter, some relish it, some hate it. At Timbercraft, we are certainly among the former as Winter means Christmas and new kitchens! It also means many of you will need to start thinking about preparing your home for some seasonal DIY, as the cold isn’t known for domestic mercy.  Here are some choice tips for the season to consider.

Clear The Gutters
Eugh, really? Yes. The leaves are falling and before you know it your drains will be blocked and you’ll have a crisis on your hands. Avoid waking up one morning to find a puddle of undesirable fluid overflowing your drains, get up the ladder and sweep it away.

Prepare for Power Cuts
It’s the worst time of year for power cuts, especially with all that good TV and yuletide chill. Make sure you are prepared for the worst, have a back up of torches, non perishable food and drink and maybe some candles and board games for entertainment. Setting aside all this in a designated cupboard for all the family to acknowledge will keep things calm and methodical.

Bleed your Radiators
You don’t want radiator burst or leakage at Christmas, the temperature is very harsh on the plumbing this time of year. Be vigilant and bleed your radiators in the lead up, this way your radiators then cover a more consistent heat range and offer far more economic value.

Check for Draughts
Insulating your windows and doors can really help keep the home more energy efficient and keep out the cold. You can quite easily replace perished insulator around the seams of windows and doors with a trip to your local hardware shop. Maybe invest in some draught guards for the bottom of doors as well. Speak to your local hardware specialist for help on this subject.

Check the Roof
Slate and drain damage, branches and other anomalies seem to appear out of nowhere this time of year. Cracks in the roof won’t fix themselves and may lead to leakage and water damage to your ceilings. Get somebody professional to check it out if you don’t feel comfortable yourself but this can save a lot of future grief with just a brief check up.

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