Spring Clean

Spring Clean

Hopefully the cold weather and grey winter days are almost over and spring is just around the corner!

Traditionally, spring cleaning was meant to rid a house of its wintery layer and prepare it for spring but whatever it’s origins, the new energy that spring brings is the perfect excuse for refreshing your home.

There’s no better place to start than your bedroom. On average we spend a third of our lives in bed so ensuring that our sleeping space is clean, comfortable and clutter-free is vital in creating a calm sanctuary. A serene space guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep.

The seasonal change from winter to spring is the perfect time of year to organise your wardrobe as you store away all those heavy jumpers, coats and scarves, and begin to sort through all your summer wear.


Wardrobe Spring Clean Tips…

  • Pull everything out. Yes, everything!  Make three piles; one for keeping, one for resale and one for charity.
  • Be ruthless! Anything that you never wear, doesn’t fit or you just don’t like anymore has got to go. If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, you will probably never wear it again. If you have multiple very similar items, such as five white tank tops, consider whether you really need all of them.
  • Take the charity pile to your local fabric recycling bin or charity shop IMMEDIATELY (before you change your mind!)
  • List your resale items on ebay, with a dress agency, who will charge a commission for selling your items, or hold a swishing party, where your guests bring along items in good condition to swap with other guests’ clothes.
  • Store away the clothes, boots and shoes that you won’t be wearing until next season. Vacuum bags are perfect for this as they take up less space.
  • Only put back into your wardrobe those items that are relevant to the season and arrange them in an order that is practical, ie; tops together, cardigans together.



1. Linen press   2. Shelved robe unit   3. Double hanging robe   4. Pull-down hanging rail
5. Single hanging robe   6. Internal 3 drawer chest   7. Shelving   8. Double hanging robe
9. Pull-out 3 tier shoe rack (5 tier option also available)   10. Single hanging robe (with top shelf removed)   11. Soft close pull-out wire baskets   12. Flyover shelf   13. Pull-out swivel mirror


Once you have decluttered your wardrobe, you might be left with a lot less clothes, but at least they will be the things you truly love and want to wear and that make you feel great. Having less choice is liberating and cuts out the hassle of deciding what to wear each day. You will also have a much better picture of what you own and never feel like your wardrobe is full but you have nothing to wear.

Timbercraft can help you create an oasis of calm with contemporary styling, a wide choice of finish and style options together with the flexibility of a made to measure service.

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