Spring Kitchen Inspiration

Spring Kitchen Inspiration

The dark and gloom of winter can finally be pushed out of sight with lighter mornings, brighter evenings and in turn more invigorating interior design trends.

One trend that is on the rise this season is foliage design; the art of using greenery to break up and create focal points within an interior design space. This spring it is all about natural aesthetics with greenery and wood elements being incorporated into interior designs.

Adding more natural elements can lighten up a kitchen space, and be gentle on the eyes.Kitchen herbs

Utilising greenery such as herbs can bring a pleasant aroma to the kitchen, popular choices include mint, basil and rosemary, not to mention being useful in adding flavour to your favourite recipes.

Why not take inspiration from Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green. The depth of the moss green works well with kitchens that have access to a lot of natural light or lighter work surfaces.

Regardless of the element of foliage you wish to use in your designs, use it to your advantage and put a modern twist on your spring interiors.