Clever Storage

Timbercraft know how important it is to have plenty of useful storage space in your kitchen, keeping your working areas clutter-free. Our clever storage systems will provide the perfect home for your foodstuffs, pots and pans and all those items you need to keep close to hand.

When it comes to squeezing the maximum potential out of the space in your kitchen, Kesseböhmer are past masters. Manufactured exclusively in Germany, Kesseböhmer products regularly win Europe’s top awards for design and innovation. You can also be confident of a lifetime of trouble-free service. Whilst Kesseböhmer products have a number of imitators they have no equals!


Le Mans

Le Mans - clever storage for fitted kitchensIdeal for storing bulky pots and pans, this is an example of a very clever storage solution.

Each tray swings completely out of the cupboard and can hold an impressive 20kg of weight.

Pull-out Larder

Pull-out Larder storage solutionThe modern version of the traditional pantry, pull-out larders are a brilliant space-saving idea. Perfect for store cupboard ingredients, giving you maximum storage in minimal space.

Magic Corner

Magic Corner - clever storage for fitted kitchens!Simply pull the door towards you and, as if by magic, the entire contents of the cupboard come to you.

A clever storage solution giving you maximum use of space and easy access to all items.


150mm Pull-out

150mm Pull-out - clever storage for fitted kitchens!Three different specifications give you the flexibility to store bottles, baking trays or tea towels and cleaning equipment.

3/4 Carousel

3/4 Carousel - clever storage for fitted kitchens!Spin your cupboard contents towards you.

Ideal for storing pots and pans with each shelf able to hold 20kg of weight

Cleaning Utensil Basket

Cleaning Utensil Basket - clever storage for fitted kitchens!The perfect solution for keeping cleaning accessories in one neat and tidy place.

Each unit features removeable baskets for practicality.